paint booth

WORKING PRINCIPLE Consists of powder booth, cyclone group and after-filter system. The system is connected with each other air ducts. Base of the booth is inclined along the cabin at the bottom, allowing the powder to be sucked easily by the air movement created by the suction fan. Paint particles are collected in the cyclone tank, smaller particles goes into the after-filter unit. Coating collected in the cyclone can be reused again. Particles collected at the after filter unit cannot be used due to small particles collects here and cannot be charged electro statically. CYCLONE Powder coating particles moving by the ventilator suction movement enters the cyclone using air ducts and collects in the powder tank as a result of friction and gravitational force. In this systems powder is recycled at the cyclone tank where can be recovered manual or automatically. AFTER-FILTER UNIT Suction fan is mounted at the end of system, located on the after-filter unit in an insulated cabin that maintains minimum level of noise. Air movement generated by the fan brings smallest powder particles here that are filtered in this unit. Filters are cleaned as a result of the automatic cleaning system consist of solenoid valves and pressurized air system located here. Finally clean air is given back into the workshop area. ADVANTAGES Fast and easy color change Efficiency 97-98% 4.1. TECHNICAL DETAILS PVC POWDER BOOTH Inner Dimensions Width : 2500 mm Length : 6500 mm Height : 3000 mm Body Material : PVC ANTISTATICK SHEET Lighting : 4 Pcs of 2x40W Fluorescent CYCLONE Nos : 1 Pcs Body material : 1,5mm/2mm GALVANIS STEEL SHEET Powder Hopper : 1 Pcs -50 lt. Powder recovery : Automatic Air-ducts between the booth and the cyclone are made from GALVANIS STEEL AFTER-FILTER Body Material : 1,5mm / 2mm Powder coated CRS sheet Fan : 12.000 m³/h 15KW 50Hz Filters : 11 Pcs Ø320x600 Aluminized polyester filter media Solenoid Valves : 11 Pcs ¾” 220V 10W Waste powder hopper: 1 Pcs -30 lt. Pressurized air need: 300lt/min, 6 Bar - Dry air 9,1ted on the cabin and the internal cabling has been made. The control panel consists of panel elements with brands SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB and equivalent.
paint booth
  • paint booth


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